The business environment our clients operate in changes constantly and so do their commercial objectives. Everlasting changes in legislation, varying requirements towards traders and introduction of different registration regimes are an additional challenge to face.

In view to provide assistance to its clients and to be able to offer complete service upon the performance of the requested engagements and projects AFA cooperates with other companies rendering consulting or legal services, including law firms. In particular, AFA cooperates both actively and successfully with Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm. The experience gained in working on common projects and close cooperation of Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm team with the tax and accounting experts of AFA lets the law firm offer economically expedient and truly practicable solutions addressing not only the legal but also the tax and accounting effects of a solution proposed.


Legal advice

As a result from our partnership and cooperation with law firms we can provide you with:

  • Legal consultations and professional advice on concrete matters in the following areas: corporate law, commercial law, real rights and construction, labour and social security law, banking and finance law, mergers and acquisitions, securities and public companies, competition protection, personal data protection, public procurements, etc.
  • Suggestions for solutions upon preparing advice or developing legal schemes and strategies, based on thorough analysis of your activity and goals and meeting your particular needs
  • Evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the legal schemes proposed to help you take a knowledgeable management decision
  • Thinking in advance for the following steps of the project implementation and considering all possible aspects
  • Emphasis on the specific regulatory requirements concerning your activity


Advice and assistance in setting up a new business by local and foreign investors

  • Advice on the choice of an appropriate corporate form of your business and on the specific requirements (registration, licence, etc.) towards your activity
  • Advice and assistance in commencing and financing the activity, including in preparing full set of contracts necessary in this stage (all types of commercial contracts, labour contracts, management contracts, service agreements, rental agreements, loan contracts, etc.)


Advice and services related to personnel management and employment relations and disputes

  • Advice on and implementation of mass dismissal procedures and other types of termination of employment relations; assistance in carrying out procedures for informing and consulting workers and employees
  • Advice regarding provision of healthy and safe working conditions
  • Advice and assistance regarding foreigners’ stay and work regime
  • Advice and assistance in employment related disputes


Advice and services in the real estate and construction fields

  • Investigating the real estate status - right of ownership, limited real rights, encumbrances, development regime, etc.
  • Offering alternatives to structure transactions in real estate
  • Assistance in the choice of project financing scheme and entering into loan agreements
  • Advice on establishing collateral – mortgages, interdictions, etc.