Advice and services regarding various regulatory regimes

With the assistance of our partners we can provide you with:

  • Carrying out of registrations with the Commercial Register, the BULSTAT Register, as well as other required registration procedures
  • Overall advice and assistance in drawing up public procurement and tender participation documentation
  • Assistance regarding personal data administrator registration procedure, relief from such registration or in connection with other procedures before the Personal Data Protection Commission (including preparation of internal rules and instructions on necessary measures to protect personal data, advice on lawful personal data handling)
  • Legal assistance in preparing all necessary documents and submission of your annual financial statements with the Commercial Register
  • Advice and assistance in obtaining permits for use, production and import of medicines, clinical trial procedures, etc.
  • Advice regarding the regime of registration and carrying out activity as gambling games organising entity
  • Consultations on various regulatory issues in the filed of renewable energy sources