Drawing up contracts and other legal documents

Through cooperation with our partners we can assist you in drawing up necessary legal documents including but not limited to:

  • All documents necessary for incorporation of companies and changes in their status, for registration of branches and representative offices, consortiums and civil partnerships
  • Commercial contracts and sale agreements
  • Contracts for representation, distribution, franchise, etc.
  • Lease or rental agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Agreements for assignment of receivables, substitution into debt, entry into debt, relief, donation
  • Preliminary and final contracts for sale of real estate
  • Agreements for settling all types of relations in the course of construction
  • Employment and civil contracts as well as management agreements
  • Personnel management related documents (regulations, instructions, orders, internal rules, job descriptions, etc.)
  • Promissory notes and other bill of exchange instruments
  • Documents for establishing collateral - mortgages, pledges, sureties, guarantees