Advice on ERP system implementation

Implementing an ERP system has already become a standard of efficient business and business process management at both individual companies and big corporate groups. Enterprises proceed with selecting and implementing and ERP system as they thus anticipate to unify planning and management of business processes and financial and management accounting for the purposes of individual and consolidated financial statements.

Our complex experience in localisation, setting up and implementation of ERP systems along with the competence we have in the field of financial and management reporting and accounting and tax legislation give us grounds to believe that we can contribute to reducing risks, increasing efficiency and achieving the objectives of implementing ERP systems.

The scope of services we offer you when implementing an ERP system cover individual implementation phases or the whole implementation process and comprise:

  • Support in the course of the ERP system selection procedure:
    • Specification of requirements
    • Uniform presentation of business processes and reporting to developers
    • Comparison of various ERP system proposals considering on the client’s needs
    • Valuation of individual developers’ proposals for advisory services on implementation
    • Assistance in negotiating the implementation stages
    • Assistance in negotiating the way of reporting on the implementation outcome

  • Support in decision-making on upgrading and optimising an existing ERP system:
    • Examining the implemented functionalities
    • Review of implemented reporting
    • Recommendations on extension of utilised functionalities

  • Support to your teams in the ERP implementation project management:
    • Assistance in planning for the implementation project and team roles
    • Assistance in preparing and endorsing the project documentation
    • Assistance in approval of the implementation results
    • Assistance in the project implementation risk management

  • Assistance to your team of key users in specifying in detail the functional requirements to the system in order to ensure optimal use of the available functionalities

  • Drawing up a specification of the requirements to financial and management reporting and accounting integration within the system. The specification is a comprehensive and formalised reference taking into account, to the utmost, the needs of the company’s management, key and end users, regulatory authorities, external users of data in the reports.

  • Training of the team of key users in the reporting principles that, as a matter of standard, underlie ERP systems and in accounting setups and integration of various reporting items in the financial modules

  • Preparation and performing functional tests to check whether the requirements to statements and reports defined in the specification have been fulfilled and verification of system integration at summarised and detailed level

  • Assistance in defining the accounting setups for individual ledger items and of their additional features required to provide for analytical data

  • Drawing up an opinion on the integration, reliability, correctness and completeness of system data and reports, which may be intended for either external users of information or the company’s management

Our team possesses a many-year experience in implementing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, including consolidation implementation – automatic preparation of consolidated financial statements of big groups of companies performing various activities and complex intra-group transactions.

The ERP system principles concerning financial and management reporting and business process modeling and their accounting integration are not divergent as they all follow the requirements of applicable IAS and the theory of management accounting.

Thus, we are in the position of supporting most efficiently your teams in defining the financial model of the implemented ERP system, its presentation to the developers and subsequent control for achieving consistency with the specification. Besides with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we have also carried out projects for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP ERP, BaaN, Scala, Syteline, JD Eduards.

We participate in the projects as part of your team, on the one hand, communicating with the developers’ team, and on the other one, training end users about the ERP system reporting model.

We possess rich implementation experience with trading and production enterprises operating in the following industries and fields:

  • pharmacy
  • milk processing
  • machine building
  • food & beverages
  • construction
  • ship building
  • distribution
  • wholesaling