Financial and management accounts in ERP systems

The services offered by us with regard to financial and management accounts in ERP systems include:

  • Assistance in defining and setting up the individual chart of accounts in a manner ensuring the specification and automated output by the system of all financial statement elements and notes thereto
  • Specifying the requirements to the ERP system to provide for data and reports needed for preparation of consolidated financial and management accounts
  • Specification of financial and management reports agreed upon with the company’s management, in an adequate format for presentation to the developers
  • Defining financial and accounting controls to be provided for in the system
  • Assistance in defining reporting elements in the system – list items, subaccounts and settings

We may assist in the implementation of financial and management accounts and integration of the following functionalities:

  • Sales and distribution
  • Purchases
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Project management
  • Cash flow management
  • Fixed assets
  • Inventories

Our team possesses specific know-how in consolidation modelling in ERP systems. We have implemented consolidation at large groups with complex corporate structure and activities in various areas. We may assist in:

  • Preparing a group chart of accounts and the chart of accounts of the consolidation company
  • Defining a consolidation model in case just some of the group’s companies use the ERP system
  • Preparing a model of gradual integration of the rest of the companies into the system and the consolidation model
  • Setting up to eliminate complex intra-group transactions and unrealised profits therefrom
  • Implementing standard cost at the group’s level and maintaining it on a transactional basis, including reporting on and analysis of deviations
  • Defining the requirements and settings for automated synchronisation of accounting for intra-group transactions between group companies that have already implemented the ERP system
  • Specifying statements and reports for consolidation purposes and for confirmation of execution of accounting controls between consolidated and local financial statements