Tax legislation over the recent years has been extremely dynamic and challenging to the business. It is even harder to estimate tax effects arising inevitably with each transaction. That is why our tax advisеrs try to help you most with tax compliance and meeting timely and effectively your obligations. Our aim is to offer you optimal and efficient solutions, to save your time, efforts and financial resources. Our advantage is that we offer services tailored to the specifics of your business and operations and addressing directly your needs while being prompt and proactive.

Our tax team provides advisory services in all areas of tax legislation and social security and thereto related fields. Services to corporate and individual clients include:

Tax compliance

  • Preparation and review of annual corporate tax returns. Our experts help you with drawing up tax returns by:
    • preparing themselves the tax returns on the basis of information and reports you give
    • reviewing the tax return prepared by you to give you assurance that it is error-free by discussing with you each item

  • Preparation and review of annual personal income tax returns. The procedure we implement to prepare personal income tax returns guarantees full compliance and utmost use of the possibilities for tax optimization

  • Advice regarding personal income tax return preparation

  • Preparation and review of VAT returns

  • Preparation and review of declarations under the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouses Act and the Local Taxes and Fees Act (for tax on immovable property and garbage fees, for tax on gratuitous acquisition of property, etc.), as well as advice on the preparation of such declarations

  • Tax and other registrations. We can assist you in managing the completion and submission of the required applications and documents and subsequent presentation of data and information. Our help is especially valuable in the case of VAT registration of foreign entities that are not established in Bulgaria. This being the case, besides registration service, we offer full scope VAT compliance assistance, including preparation of registers of purchases and sales and declarations

  • Assistance in contacts with the revenue authorities and other administrative bodies when you are required to present or submit documents, applications or forms in accordance with law or obtain any of, but not limited to, the following:
    • a certificate of existence or lack of tax liabilities
    • a certificate of taxes paid in Bulgaria
    • a certificate of data declared with NRA
    • a certificate of ex-officio number of the NRA register for non-resident individuals or legal entities

  • Tax review for management purposes to check tax and social security compliance. The objective of such reviews is to help you prepare for a future tax audit, find out in advance if errors have been made in reporting on particular transactions and operations, identify errors that may be fully or partially corrected, suggest the most optimal alternative to make the correction

  • Information on changes in the tax, social security, commercial, banking, customs, foreign currency and labour legislation