Tax advice

Advice on issues related to application of the tax legislation, including:

  • corporate tax
  • one-off tax on expenses
  • withholding tax 
  • indirect taxes (VAT and excise duties)
  • personal income tax 
  • local taxes and fees

Advice and services regarding the social security and health insurance legislation

  • Advice on social security and health insurance issues. We may assist you in resolving cases related to determining correctly:
    • the social security status of your employees
    • the income for social security purposes and its elements
    • practical cases related to filling in documents and declarations
  • Assistance in obtaining social security certificates. Our consultants help you obtain:
    • a certificate of being socially insured in Bulgaria to serve you when working in the territory of another EU or EEA member state or Switzerland
    • certificates of being socially insured in Bulgaria in past periods to serve you for calculation of compensations or pension abroad

Advice on foreign currency legislation

  • Advice on obligations to declare transactions to BNB, drafting thereto related documents and submission thereof
  • Advice on regular reporting obligations for balance of payments statistics purposes

Merger and acquisition advice and services

  • Advice on tax effects arising upon acquisition and reorganization (mergers, divisions, spin-offs)
  • Tax due diligence
  • Assistance in drawing up documents required in the event of acquisition or reorganisation, defining the objectives thereof and clear arrangement of relations between the parties

Advice and services on particular commercial transactions

  • Advice on tax effects arising from particular transactions, on the basis of drafts of documents presented by you or on the basis of information you provide on actual arrangements
  • Assistance in drafting documents and review of drafts of documents from tax viewpoint