Risk and Compliance Services

Risk management is a continuous process of identification, assessment and monitoring of various types of risks that may impact the attainment of an organisation’s strategic and operational objectives; therefore, risk management needs to be an integral part of each organisation’s overall management.

Successful risk management allows management to make timely and informed decisions on attaining the organization’s objectives.

Control over and reaching compliance of the business activities performed with the requirements of the applicable legislation and with internal rules, policies and procedures ensures observance of the principles of lawfulness, good financial governance and transparency in reaching the targets set.

Each organization is different and has its own corporate culture, work environment, and management style. Therefore, there is no universal approach to developing and applying the process of risk management and compliance.

Considering these specifics, our team can support you in the identification, analysis and management of the risks that may impact the objectives set, by offering the following services:  

Internal Control Services

  • Review of internal control systems and providing recommendations for improvement
  • Review/development of internal policies and procedures
  • Preparing a list of best practices in business process internal controls
  • Trainings on internal control – related topics