Temporary employment known also as 'employee/staff leasing' is a legal opportunity to hire personnel with AFA OOD being the actual administrative employer as a firm providing temporary work options (agent, intermediary) and the client being an operative employer. Thus, through this service you would have the chance of hiring professionals, temporarily or permanently, to work under your management and supervision and enhancing the effectiveness of your company. AFA undertakes the overall staff administration in order to facilitate your activities.

AFA OOD has been licenced as a firm providing temporary employment services under Licence No 41/12.02.2013, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

For whom?

The service is a flexible solution for companies that:

  • need new staff but have no wish or opportunities for permanent appointment of employees due to the lack of job positions and budget for salaries
  • temporarily need employees in a busy period of the year for the performance of particular work
  • need to hire personnel as a replacement for a worker or employee who is absent from work due to maternity leave, annual leave, sickness leave or other reason
  • need to hire employees to work under marketing, commercial and/or industrial projects for an undefined/defined term in relation with development of new business segments
  • wish to optimize their operation by transfer of non-specific activities to units outside the company
  • make experimental changes in their organizational structure
  • have not (yet) been registered in the country – foreign companies and non-profit organizations
  • have a small number of personnel and consider the assignment of a separate person with similar functions as impractical
  • need reduction of the administrative burden on the HR departments