Financial due diligence

Our team possesses rich experience in carrying out financial due diligence reviews for potential investors in connection with the acquisition of a company or new business, as well as for enterprises/institutions selling a business or companies. Our major objective is to establish the actual financial and tax position of the acquired/sold company (business), to identify potential risks and liabilities, and problematic areas regarding its operations, and as an ultimate result, to propose the most optimal and feasible structure (legal, financial and tax) for acquisition or sale respectively.

Besides, our clients use our experience in financial and tax due diligence reviews for their internal purposes – evaluation and enhancement of adopted practices (financial, reporting and tax), improvement of internal management and organisation of particular activities, as well as to achieve better financial and tax effects and future business stability.

At the end of our financial and tax due diligence review engagement we issue a report of factual findings usually in accordance with International Standard on Related Services “Engagements to Perform Agreed-upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information” and additionally, given the type of engagement, with requirements of the engaging parties and/or interested parties or institutions/organisations-users of the report of factual findings, as well as in accordance with any statutory requirements regarding the report contents.