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State Gazette Highlights

November 10, 2020

State Gazette Highlights

In issue 94 dated 3 November 2020, the following have been promulgated:

1. Law on Amendment and Supplement to the BULSTAT Register Act

The law envisages for the UIC of natural persons under Art. 3, Para 1, items 9 and 11 of BRA to be officially transformed by the Registry Agency, thereby replacing the 10-symbol code into a 9-symbol one.

The change shall be made within 14 days from the Law’s promulgation, i.e. until 4 January 2022, and it concerns natural persons performing freelancing professions or crafts and other natural persons – insurers.

The law shall be effective as from 4 January 2022, with the exception of  §9, effective as from 3 November 2022.

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